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Services tailored to your needs


Our cleaning services are a combination of know-how, technology and are environmentally friendly thanks to the use of ecological products and techniques.

Maintenance of your boat : Inside/outside cleaning services, carried out by qualified and experienced teams that use our ecological products and innovative technologies to ensure a neat and quick result.

For this purpose, we use machines which by filtration and purification remove impurities and mineral salts contained in the water, this one has a powerful natural cleansing capacity. 

Dry-ice cleaning

Dry ice cleaning was originally  conceived and used by NASA for cleaning particularly sensitive equipment. 

This dry-cleaning method involves spraying dry ice onto the surfaces to be cleaned in a compressed air stream.

This process, highly efficient, does not generate secondary waste. It preserves surfaces by its very gentle mechanical action. It is 2 to 4 times faster than conventional methods.

Ideal  for cleaning specific cleaning such as: engine room, motors, electric panels, soot cleaning after fire…

Teak maintenance

Cleaning : Teak maintenance with the Teak One Shot and Power Scrubber monobrush that cleans and preserves the natural color and radiance of the wood.

Teak renovation : Deep cleaning with Infinite n°1 and then applying Infinite n°2to illuminate and restore the natural color of the wood.

Teak protection : Application of Absolute Teak, which works by impregnating the wood to ensure long-term protection against weather, organic and mineral stains, UV… Produces a hydrophobic effect, considerably slows down the wear and greying of the wood and facilitates maintenance of teak.

It is highly recommended to protect your teak to ensure its longevity and preservation over time.


A team of specialists at your disposal to renovate and sublimate your surfaces. Together we will find the most appropriate solution to your needs.

Polish :  Remove imperfections, stains, micro-scratches due to damages caused by time and elements on surfaces such as paints, gel-coat, varnishes to give them their original shine and radiance.

Marble renovation : Rectification of marble and stone surfaces, by sanding and polishing to remove apparent imperfections and scratches.


In order to maintain the shine and quality of your surfaces, it is necessary to protect them by applying protective treatments. We treat almost all surfaces such as teak, glass, gel-coat, marble, varnished surfaces…

All surfaces ceramic treatment : Application of an invisible ceramic treatment that  protects surfaces from external aggressions such as acid rains, bird droppings, lime scale and salt residues..

Glass treatment : Application of a permanent protective coating to limit the exposure of dirt (limestone, salt..) and thus facilitate the maintenance of glazed surfaces.

Application of protective film (PPF) : Regarding the protection of marble surfaces, we offer the custom application  of protective films  PPF type ( 150 micron) glossy or mat. This extremely resistant, self-healing and hydrophobic treated film guarantees ultimate protection against all acids, scratches and other chemical aggressions.


Fast, flexible and efficient our team of specialists will take care of preparing your boats for all occasions such as end of construction deliveries, sales, international shows, and preparation before the arrival of charter guests.

End of construction deliveries : Specialized cleaning services in maintenance and construction shipyards.

Preparation for sale : Interior/exterior cleaning of the boat, removing tarpaulins, installation of exterior cushions, your boat will be fully prepared and ready to welcome your customers!

Shows preparation : Interior / exterior preparation and finishing touches, our team pays attention to the smallest details to make the boat sparkling so you can welcome visitors with peace of mind. We also offer a cleaning service for your stand.

Technical maintenance

We offer an in-water technical maintenance service that includes regular checks of the proper functioning of the mooring and systems of your boat. 

We also provide antifouling services.