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Plant Chemistry

Nature in use for chemistry

Ecological and efficient solutions

At Absolute Magnitude, we worship the sea and the environment, this is why we chose to manufacture our products from plant chemistry.

logo chimie du vegetal

What is plant chemistry?
Plant chemistry  uses plant-based raw materials in products manufacturing,  therefore biodegradable and environmentally-friendly. In other words, using the power of nature in use for chemistry while respecting the environment.

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The European Label Quality requirements

The European label aims to manufacture and promote products (goods and services) environmentally and health friendly throughout the product life cycle (from raw materials extraction to their use, including their manufacture). It encourages sustainable production and consumption  of products. Its aim is to ensure that consumers have a lower environmental impact than standard products of similar use.

Our ecological range of product

In order to protect the environment, our company designs most of its products from raw materials of plant origin. From multi-surfaces cleaning soap to the polishing paste passing through the descaler / decontaminant cleaning product, almost all of our products are ecological and certified 100 % organic.

Our ecological range of products

eco wash range of ecological cleaning products

Eco Wash range

100 % organic multi-surfaces cleaner/degreaser, efficiently cleans and degreases deck and hull as well as the galley of your boat. Approved food contact and certified Ecolabel.

desk boat cleaning products

Alpha range

1OO % organic cleaner /descaler, removes mineral stain (water spots), dissolves limescale and salt residues. Efficient on many surfaces and certified Ecolabel.

Eraser range

Range of cleaners made from vegetable solvent, ideal for removing all traces of adhesives, glue, silicone, overspray, organic resin, tar, graffiti on most surfaces…

organic polish for yachts

X Paste

X Paste is a 2 in 1 organic polishing paste, cleans, polish, shines and protects surfaces. Ideal for inox, glass, ceramic. Produces a hydrophobic effect. Certified Ecolabel.

Teak One Shot

Teak One Shot is a 2 in 1 teak cleaner for maintenance routine , 100% organic. Cleans and restores natural color to the wood while enhancing the surface. Reduces cleaning cost and time up by 50 %!

Infinite range

N°1 is an 100 % organic teak cleaner step 1 and a multi-purpose heavy duty cleaner that removes extreme soiling. N°2 is an 100 % organic teak brightener step 2 that revives the natural color of the wood and a powerful descaler.

Pate de nettoyage écologique

Eco Paste

Multi-surafces cleaning paste 100% organic.multi-surface cleaning paste. Combined to a melamin new generation sponge, Eco Paste gently cleans and renovates surfaces. Removes organic and mineral stains while enhancing surfaces.

Our range of surface protection products

teak protection for boats

Absolute teak

Invisible long lasting protection for teak that produces a hydrophobic effect and ensures an efficient defense against weather, water, stains, UV, pollution, wood graying…


Permanent glass and ceramic coating kit. By producing a hydrophobic, oil repellent and dirt repellent effect on the surface, G-120 reduces new contaminations up to 70 %.

QP - ON systems

QP-ON is a complete and innovative range of products for preparation, protection and maintenance of painted surfaces, just as adapted to yachting as the automotive world.

Boat polish

QP-ON polish 6.0 & 6.2

New generation of polish range, easy to use which revives the radiance of surfaces.

Finishing nano ceramic coating

QP-ON protection 2.0 / 3.0

Protective shield against elements and chemicals, exteme hydrophobic effect, increase the gloss of surfaces.

All surface cleaner for boat

QP-ON 2.1 shampoo

2 in 1 maintenance soap which facilities maintenance and renews QP-ON 2.0 and 3.0 bases.

Quality requirements

During the elaboration process of our products a rigorous requirement specification is imposed  to the research laboratory in order to guarantee to our customers high quality products.
Following the laboratory trial phase, we carry ourselves a second step of control for at least a year before launching them on the market. Using them on a daily basis for our services we make sure that the product  meets our requirements and technical specifications.

In order to ensure monitoring quality, we pay special attention to customers’ feedback, opinions and future needs to meet their expectations.