Eco-wash Ready to use 1 L


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Ecological multi-purpose cleaner

Ecowash, The ecological cleaner/degreaser soap ,biodegradable over 98%, its confection made from sugar cane, certified Ecolabel, it far exceeds the requirements of international regulatory authorities in the fight against pollution (MARPOL).

Composed of high quality surfactant, few drops are enough for maximum efficiency

Food contact approved, whether cleaning the hull and deck, cooking utensils or the engine room, a single product does the work of 10….

Ecowash is suitable for many sectors such as yachting, automotive, industry, food-industry, catering, hospitality…


Operating instructions:


-Exterior surfaces: spray the product or leach the surface to be cleaned, rub and rinse with clear water.

-Interior surfaces: spray the product on the surface to be cleaned, rub and wipe the surface with a clean and dry microfiber.

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Dimensions 26.5 × 9.5 cm