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Ultimate glass and ceramic coating

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G-120 is a highly effective coating solution for almost all glass and ceramic surfaces with  long-term effect of easy-to-clean and protection. 

By producing a water-, oil- and dirt-repellent coating  surface, G-120 reduces new contamination by up  to 70%. Due to a massive reduction of dirt adhesion,  aggressive cleaning agents are no longer necessary  and sensitive surfaces will be therefore less stressed. 

The “Easy-to-Clean” effect leads to a significant reduction of effort and cost for cleaning. Even the most  persistent dirt residues such as lime and dirt can be  removed easily with a wet microfiber cloth.  

If necessary, additional mild cleaning agents (without  abrasives) can be used.  

All glass and ceramic surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms (for example tiles, shower glass, sanitary  ware like toilets, basins, ceramic baths), car  windscreens, boats, indoors, outdoors (windows,  photovoltaics etc.) and much more.

Coverage: +/- 200 m²/ litre soit 50 m²/250 ml

Operation instructions : 


  1. Preparation


1: Clean the prepared surface using an alkaline base soap (type Eco Wash)  to remove organic stains (grease, mold…)

2: Clean the prepared surface using an acid base soap (type Alpha) to remove mineral stains (limescale, salt…)

3: Before applying the coating,  use a clean cloth and ethanol to wipe the surface. 

The surface must be completely dry, clean and free of  grease before processing. 

Before coating, remove any form of dirt or contamination from the surface (For heavily contaminated surfaces, a glass polish is recommended)

  1. Coating


G-120 needs to be  sprayed evenly on the surface (approximately 10ml per  sqm) and spread immediately with a clean and dry microfiber cloth evenly. A very light misting will appear indicating that the process was performed correctly. Polish the misting out until you don’t see any marks or streaks. Do not touch for at least 2 hours.  

The coating reaches its maximum hardness after 48 hours. Avoid cleaning the surface until then.

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