Kit G-120



Ultimate hydrophobic cotting for glass and ceramic

G-120 is a latest generation silicon-based protection with an extreme hydrophobic effect.

Easy to use G-120 results in a significant reduction in cleaning efforts and costs. Even the most stubborn dirt like lime or grime can be removed with a simple wet microfiber. Abrasion and friction tested, its effective protective power resists oil deposits and reduces new contamination by up to 70% due to a massive reduction in adhesion. If necessary, additional mild soap (without abrasives) can be used. With G-120, aggressive cleaning agents are no longer necessary and sensitive surfaces will therefore be less stressed.

Kit description:

  • Water tight  hip bag
  • 1 G-120 aluminium spray bottle 250ml
  • 1 application sponge
  • 5 microfibres Suède for application
  • 1  grey nano microfibre


Instructions of use / instructions:

Do not apply to hot surfaces or in direct sunlight!

1) Preparation / Cleaning

Before applying the coating, remove all forms of dirt and contamination from the surface to be protected (limestone, grease, sea salt, etc.), the support must be perfectly clean and dry before applying the treatment. Absolute Magnitude recommends that you use its preparation kit dedicated to decontaminating glass and ceramics.


2) Application of treatment

Shake the bottle before use! Adjust the opening of the sprayer nozzle to obtain the finest possible diffusion. G-120 should be sprayed evenly over the surface (approximately 5 ml per m2) and spread immediately with the applicator sponge covered with its suede microfiber (supplied with the kit).

A very light mist will appear indicating that the process has been performed correctly. Polish the mist with the gray nano microfiber (supplied in the kit) until you no longer see any marks. Avoid mechanical forces for at least 2 hours. The coating reaches its maximum hardness after 48 hours. Avoid cleaning the surface until then.


Warning !

Irritating to eyes. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep the container tightly closed. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and consult a doctor.