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Infinite N°2


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Ecological teak brightener step 2 & multi-purpose mineral cleaner

100 % organic and biodegradable, Infinite n°2 is an ultra-concentrated brightener for teak and other exotic woods. Illuminates and revives the natural colors of wood without damaging it or altering other surfaces.

Thanks to its high penetrating power, it gives teak its initial appearance, giving it a richer appearance while respecting the environment.

Infinite n°2 is a very effective cleaner/decontaminant for surfaces such as: paint, gel coat, metals, stainless steel, glass, ceramic, plastic, chrome, floors…

Operation instructions:


For teak step 2: Do not dilute.
Other uses: Dilute between 10 to 20% with clear water depending on the dirt of the soiling surface to be cleaned.


For teak step 2: First, wet the wood then uniformly apply the solution on the surface to be treated with a soft broom. Let it act for a few minutes (depending on the desired color) without letting it dry. Do not rug as you risk digging the wood. Rinse thoroughly with clear water. Covering power 5 to 7 m2 per liter.
Other uses: Apply the solution on the surface to be cleaned then let it act for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly.

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