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Infinite N°1


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Teak cleaner step 1 and multi-purpose heavy duty cleaner

100 % organic, non toxic and  98 % biodegradable , Infinite 1 combines in the same product a teak cleaner step 1 and powerful soap to remove the most stubborn stains.


Infinite n°1 is an extremely powerful and versatile soap that can be used for different applications and surfaces such as:

-Teak cleaner step 1

-Bilge cleaner

-Hull and deck cleaner (extreme soiling)

-All other applications requiring the use of an alkaline cleaner with a strongly high PH


Operation instructions:



Teak cleaner step 1: Dilute to a maximum of 25% with clear water.

Other uses: Dilute  5 to 20 % in a bucket or spray with clear water depending on the contamination on the surface to be cleaned. The more concentrated, the more powerful power will be.


Teak cleaner step 1: First, wet the surface to be cleaned.Apply the solution, let it act 1 to 2 minutes, rub energetically the surface with a pad or hard brush without letting it dry then rinse thoroughly.

Other uses: Apply the product on a wet surface, rub then rinse thoroughly with clear water.

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1 liter, 5 liters