Eco-wash refills


8 ready-to-use refill doses for Eco-wash soap.

Made from sugar cane extract, using unique high quality surfactants, while being 98% biodegradable, Eco-wash is a powerful eco-certified food contact degreaser suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

100% organic, acid-free and non-toxic, this product effectively removes oil, grease, hydrocarbons, dust, soot and guarantees the user comfort of use while respecting the environment. Eco Wash Refill is suitable for many business sectors such as: yachting, automotive, industry, food industry, catering, hotels.

Eco-wash refill boxes are made up of 8 packets of soluble concentrate, ideal for saving storage space, it allows you to refill your ready-to-use vaporizer (1 packet for 1 liter of water).

This product can be used on all types of surfaces such as:

  • Metals
  • Car body
  • Plastics
  • Chrome
  • Aluminum
  • Fabrics
  • Floor tile
  • Office furniture

Manual :

Spray on the surface to be cleaned, rub and rinse with clean water.

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Dimensions 7.1 × 8.5 cm