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Teak One Shot

100% Organic cleaner in 1 step

Teak and exotic wood cleaner

1 step: cleaner + brightener

Teak and exotic wood cleaner in 1 step ( cleaner + brightner )
Due to it’s conception it reduces the cleaning time by halph, its consistency will limit splatter on other surfaces.
Does not harm other surfaces such as: stainless steel, paint, Gel coat, corking etc… Quick and easy, Teak one shot is 100% organic and environment friendly.


– Soak the wooden surface to clean.
– Apply Teak one shot generously with a pad or a soft brush evenly over the surface
– wait +/- 10 min to let the active ingredients work. (! do not let the product dry)
– Scrub energetically the surface with a pad or a hard brush ( can be used with mono brush machines)
– Rince abundantly with fresh water and for a perfect finish wipe with a squeegee
– Use suitable personal protection equipment.
– Do not let the produce dry on the surface before rinsing

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