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Water Treatment

A new generation of water systems

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Explore the power of Pure Water Systems

The lifespan of the paint can be extended by cleaning your yacht regularly with our Pure Water Systems
100% self-operating machines‚Äč

Water in its purest form has an amazingly strong cleaning capability; soap and all other cleaning tools will not be necessary anymore. By washing your yacht with Pure Water it will quickly get a clean, nice, shiny and spotless result, even at dark paint.

These 100% self-operating machines are very easy to control and are low maintenance. Units can be executed from 200 liters to 2000 liters each hour. With our wide assortment of mobile and fixed units we are able to meet almost all requests of our customers.The units are able to filter all lime, minerals, metals and bacteria from the tap water with several different filters, which results in pure water.

Water Softener at its best

Produces lime-free soft water for optimum performance and longevity
Powerful, fully automatic

Without electricity
Works fully automatic and rinses itself when the internal resin is saturated.

Super mobile
Easy to transport using the folding handles and rotating castors.

Shock resistant
Robust waterproof housing encased in solid foam rubber.

They trust Absolute Magnitude

Driving chemistry for leading yacht brands