Teak One Shot – 1 liter


Cleans and brightens teak and exotic woods in one step

100% organic while being environmentally friendly, Teak One Shot cuts cleaning time by 50% on teak and exotic woods. In addition, by its design, the product sublimates your surfaces by giving it back its liveliness and natural colors.

Due to its gel-like texture, Teak One Shot limits splashing on adjacent surfaces when cleaning. Teak One Shot will not affect other surfaces during use such as stainless steel, paint, plastic, deck joints and gel coat.


Soak the wood to be cleaned, apply Teak One Shot liberally over the entire surface with a pad or brush, leave to act for a few minutes for the active elements to act in depth. Rub the treated surface vigorously with a pad or a stiff brush (can be used with a single-disc machine). Rinse thoroughly with clean water. For a perfect result, dry with a squeegee.

Caution: do not let dry, moisten the product as much as needed on the surface. Use the appropriate personal protective equipment.

Download the Safety Datasheet

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 22 × 8.5 cm