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Innovative hygiene concepts

efficient and sustainable

The non-toxic, alcohol-free disinfectant solution to fight bacteria and viruses.

Our unique electrolysis process allows us to create biocidal products capable of very quickly eliminating viruses, multi-resistant bacteria, spores and fungi. Our products are harmless to humans and nature.

Absolute Magnitude is the exclusive French, Monaco and international marine importer of the Hydroliq brand product range.


Hydroliq Air Ultrasonic

Solution against Covid-19

Our product is applied by ultrasonic spraying, in a totally safe way in the presence of people. This process is used to disinfect surfaces and indoor air (e.g. in medical practices, hospitals, nursing homes, offices, factories, schools, restaurants, cinemas, etc.).

Hydrolic Desinfecta

Pure solution

Dermatologically tested disinfectant product that does not irritate the skin. Containing no alcohol and made from water and sodium chloride without synthetic ingredients, Hydroliq Desinfecta eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, spores, germs and fungi in seconds.


Health care institutions

Public Buildings

Public Transportation

Hotels & Restaurants

Industry and Commerce

Schools & Universities

Beauty Salons


Private Areas





The challenges of our time

Multi-resistant germs and bacteria, mutant influenza viruses and currently Covid-19, are among the challenges of our time and impact many aspects of our daily lives. In this context, Hydroliq Pure Water Solutions plays an important role in providing solutions.


Hydroliq perfected a technology known as chlor-alkali electrolysis developed specifically for the Soviet space program in the 1960s.

Hydroliq produces highly stable water and sodium chloride compounds that are harmless to humans and the environment and permanently disinfect indoor air and surfaces through spraying, wiping, immersion disinfection and nebulization.


The redox voltage is a measure of the germicidal and oxidative effect of disinfectants. The redox voltage of all Hydroliq solutions is greater than 750 millivolts (mV).

Tap water has an average redox voltage of approximately +300 mV. At a redox voltage of approximately +500 mV, the water is already sterile and from +550 mV it has a disinfectant effect.

At an oxidation-reduction voltage of +750 mV, the water is very disinfectant and very quickly eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and bacterial odours.

The time for destruction at 99.99% E-coli depends on the redox potential of the water at pH 7.0.

According to the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, Hydroliq Pure Water Solutions products disinfect and eliminate :

~ Bacteria
~ Viruses (enveloped viruses such as influenza and Covid-19)
~ Yeast (mold, candidiasis)

All Hydroliq’s solutions are explicitly not classified as hazardous products according to the Chemical Substance Authorization and Restriction Regulation.


Unique hygiene technology

Unlike conventional room or surface disinfectants, Hydroliq Pure Water Solutions’ products are completely harmless to people and the environment because they do not create any putrefaction products or residues. The treated surfaces and rooms can be used immediately after disinfection or even during (e.g. with the application of ultrasonic humidifiers or air conditioning systems).

More applications

Hydroliq Pure Water Solutions also offers biocidal solutions and hygiene concepts for various fields of application (e.g. agriculture, horticulture, sports facilities and golf courses as well as for veterinary practice).

Skin, mucous membranes and surfaces are not attacked.

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