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Protect your valuable surfaces

Powerful and ecological solutions

At Absolute Magnitude, we respect the sea and we believe that performance should always go hand in hand with sustainability. Refer to specific product pages for more information.

Absolute Magnitude

Flexi Paste

Cleaning paste for soft surfaces

X Paste

Polishing paste for hard surfaces

Eco-Wash Ready to Use

Ecological Soap Alkaline

Eco-Wash Refill

Ecological Soap Alkaline

Eco-Wash Concentrate

Ecological Soap Alkaline

Alpha 2

Multi-usage Mineral Ecological Soap

Teak One Shot

100% Organic Cleaner in 1 step

Absolute Teak

Invisible long-term protection for wood


QP-ON 2.0

High End Coating

QP-ON 2.1

High End Cleanser & Coating

QP-ON 3.0

Ceramic Coating

QP-ON 6.0

Heavy Cut Compound

QP-ON 6.2

Ultra fine Polishing Compound